Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday morning

There is nothing I like better on Saturday mornings than to help the middle-cat read The Globe and Mail. She likes to sit on the floor with her coffee and I help spread out the paper.

Since the middle-cat is in Beijing this month, I had to read the paper by myself; but with no one to turn the pages for me, it was nowhere near as much fun for me.

The big-cat tried to help me out by reading the paper this morning, but I could tell he was only going through the motions. He only read one setion (Travel..about Beijing) and sat on the couch while he was reading it.

Come back soon middle-cat, I miss you.

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Pheobe Kaatz said...

Poor Little Cat,

I wish I was reading the Globe and Mail with you too. I was very sad to miss our Saturday morning tradition. I know how much you enjoy the Life & Style section.

I saw some little hats here that would look fab on you. Maybe I will get you one.

Middle Cat