Sunday, August 3, 2008

I want to go to Beijing too

I'm starting to wonder "What's the deal with Beijing?"

First, my middle-cat said that she is going there for a month; and now my big-cat is going there for a little over a week.

The Big Cats told me that I wouldn't like it...they told me that it's a very long plane ride away, there's lots of air pollution, that over 7.5-million people live in the Beijing urban core alone (is that more than two? that is how many Big Cats I live with), and there is going to be a lot of fireworks while they are there (which I must admit, scare me).

But if my Big Cats are going, I'm sure it will be fun for me.

Look, I'm already packed...I've got my Fancy Feasts, my box of sand, and my tent (see previous blog on April 23/08) already packed.

Big-cat, what time do we leave?

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Michelle said...

Hey PKitty, I heard a rumor once that they eat cat over there so maybe it is a good idea for you to stay home..... I know you like your alone time but if you need some help breaking into the fancy feast while the big cats are away let me know