Friday, August 22, 2008

Chinese Lessons

The Big-Cat has come home from Beijing and is teaching me how to speak a little bit of Mandarin (which is all he knows).

knee-how = hello
zai-jen = goodbye
duay = yes
boo-yao = no
shay-shay = thank you
wo-ting boo-dong = I don't understand
mow = cat (I'm not kidding)

There was also a popular verb (bo-cog) created by Westerners for the Olympics which is an acronym of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. Bo-cog is roughly translated as "sorry if you got screwed, but that is a price you pay for doing business in China".

A couple of uses:
- McDonalds was bo-cogged when they built a huge restaurant in the Olympic Green area before they found out that no one without a ticket to an event that day would be let into the Green (restaurant usage was about 25% of what was estimated).
- That not-as-cute little girl was bo-cogged when she was not able to be seen during the opening ceremonies (even though she recorded the song).
- Some citizens of Beijing were bo-cogged when their house and neighborhood were moved so the Chinese government could build the Bird's Nest Stadium.

I wonder what Van-ocked will mean?

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Pheobe Kaatz said...


Tom and I were bocogged again today! We left early to get to the football game today, but they only had one extremely slow moving security check to get into the Olympic Green. We missed the entire first half!

Can't wait to see my cats!
MC xo