Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Eoghan

Today my Big-Cat went to his nephew Eoghan's 4th birthday party and had lots of fun there.

Eoghan is one of my favorite nephews (by that I mean that have I hissed at him less than any other nephew...but that may be only because he is my youngest nephew).

Eoghan likes yellow, trucks, pirates, soccer (aka football), his cousins, and chocolate (not necessarily in that order).

All of these things were well represented at his birthday party and his dad cooked up a great dinner for everyone who attended.

The only downside to Eoghan's party is that his aunt Josie (aka the Middle-Cat) was not able to attend because she was in Beijing.

Eoghan did promise the Big-Cat that he saved a hug for aunt Josie for when she got back home.

While I didn't get a Fancy Feast while the Big-Cat was gone to the party, I was able to catch up on almost 7 hours of sleep; which made me very happy.

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