Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The big Switcheroos

There have been a couple interesting slight-of-hands recently in China during the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The first two have been getting a lot of press:
1) The cuter little girl that lip-synced the national anthem sung by the little girl with the crooked teeth during the opening ceremonies,
2) The "fireworks" representing the footsteps to the Bird's Nest stadium that were digitally added during the opening ceremonies.

But no one seems to be talking about another thing that the Chinese govenment did during the run up to the summer games; in order to bring a more youthful look to China.

What I am talking about is the iconic grown white cat with the raised paw that is on display in a lot of shops and restaurants to bring good luck to the places of business.

Very quietly, this grown cat has been replaced by a cuter white kitten (see picture showing both the former and the new good luck cats).

As a cat who is a bit long in the whiskers, I find this bit of ageism offensive. I thought is was only in North America that long-time, loyal partners were replaced by versions that look 1/2 their age.


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Maggy and Me said...

Funny enough, the older version looks nicer and more authentic...