Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8 days, 3 Fancy Feasts

Well, the Big-Cat is leaving today to go to Beijing to see the Middle-Cat. He's going to be gone a week. Two of the big-cats' nieces will be dropping by to make sure I'm me they are known as "Nellie the whisker puller" and "Brenna the tail puller"; or at least that's what I tell the big-cats ;)

In order to bribe me to be nice while he's gone, the Big-Cat has left three Fancy Feasts for his nieces to give me while he's gone (I'm not counting the fourh one that I ate last night...that was just a regular Tuesday in my books).

So there are only three Fancy Feasts for eight days...doesn't seem fair. Anyone that wants to help a poor little-cat down on her luck, please send treats or Fancy Feasts (or birdies with bad wings) c/o the Hagels.

I even made up a sign to help out.


PS At least I'l be able to get some sleep.

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