Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The next day

Well, I've made it to the day after my surgery now and I'm starting to feel better. My jaw is less sore and I got to eat some solid food (some last Fancy Feasts before embarking on my new diet).

I'd like to give meow-outs to my cousin-cat Hamish (he's a nice grey cat who lives with Eoghan, and Aislin) for sending me a get well card and a couple last Fancy Feasts. I appreciate the cat-solidarity.

Here is a photo of me with my arms shaved. Not something I would have chosen for myself but I think it makes me look skinny.

Even though my surgery is over, my Big-Cat insists on giving me some antibiotics; which I hate. Not only does my Big-Cat have to force an eye dropper into my mouth and then squirt the medicine down my throat; the antibiotics taste terrible (I'd rather be taking Buckley's cough syrup).

Here is a photo of me hiding in my tent after getting my medicine. If the Big-Cat comes for me again tonight, I'm going to close the front panel and wait until he goes away.


Mika Ryan said...

know how you feel......last time I went to the vet and they shaved me, my big dog insisted on calling me franken pug.

Here's a tip, if you put up a good fight the big cat will have to give up on the eye drop thing, and hide that drugs in something really yummy to eat.

Stick with me kitty, I'll teach you all the tricks!


the magster

Mika Ryan said...

also couldn't help but notice that you're doing that scary thing with your eyes again......that look you get when you're ready to take over the world. You really must be feeling better.