Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Incident

Last night seemed like an ordinary night until "The Incident".

The Big-Cat was getting ready to have a bath and I followed him into the bathroom to sit on the bathmat while he was in the tub. I started playing with the shower curtain (in truth, I was chewing on it) so the Big-Cat pulled it away from me and dragged it into the tub. That's when IT happened.

The Big-Cat knocked a bottle of shampoo off the edge of the tub. The shampoo bottle landed upside down on its pump and a jet of shampoo launched forth out of the bottle and landed on my fur.

I immediately ran out of the bathroom and started to try to get the shampoo off of my fur the only way I could…by licking it. It tasted terrible and now I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth. The Big-Cat ran after me with a towel and tried to wipe the shampoo off but I thought he had more of the evil stuff so I ran away. Soon both big-cats were chasing me around the bedroom. I kept running from them and stopped when I could to try to lick the shampoo off….but the shampoo tasted so bad and I started to make evil hissing noises (I thought I could scare the shampoo away).

The big-cats finally cornered me and I had shampoo foam all over my mouth and snout. The Big-Cat wiped that off and I wiggled free and ran under the bed, where I tried to clean my fur again. This produced more foam and bad taste, so I ran into my tent to hide.

My Big-Cat dragged me out of the tent and, and, and (I still shudder to think about it) he gave one side of my fur coat a bath. He said it was for my own good and that it would get rid of the evil taste but I think he was punishing me for making those noises.

Once the bath finished, I looked like, well, a wet cat…which is not pretty (see picture).

The big-cats then dried me with a towel and then brushed me and gave me a couple treats to get the taste out of my mouth…so I eventually forgave them.

It’s never dull around our house.

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Mika Ryan said...

oh dear, almost more than one little cat can possibly endure! Anytime we hear our Big Dogs say bath, we hide under the bed. Best tip we can give you, is once they get you good and wet, break away and position yourself close to something the big cats think is important and give it a really good shake. Works everytime.