Thursday, March 26, 2009


My Middle-cat (her name is Josie) has been travelling recently but she is now home. I thought I'd take this post to explain why she is called the Middle-Cat.

When I was a kitten, and went to live with my human (Chris), his friend Al explained to him that cats don't see a difference between themselves and humans; that we see humans as simply bigger cats.

At that point, I became the Little-Cat and Chris became the Big-Cat. I was like that for ten years before Josie came along.

Since there was already a Big-Cat in my life, I started calling her the Middle-Cat (she was smaller than the Big-Cat but larger than me). The name has stuck and she has become one of my favourite humans.

I miss her when she's travelling but (don't tell her) the Big-Cat and I have fun together when she's gone. I sleep in her spot on the bed, the Big-Cat spends more time with me, and I usually get brushed longer in the morning.

But no matter how much fun we have, we are both happier when the Middle-Cat comes home. She has nice shoes to play with and she smells nicely.

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