Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dead to me

Lately the Big-Cat has been using the phrase “____ is dead to me” a lot. He doesn’t means the person/thing he is talking about is literally dead, just that for all intents and purposes the Big-Cat doesn’t want to have ____ in his life anymore.

Examples have included, “That former co-worker is dead to me” or “Stories about the Octuplet mom are dead to me”.

The Big-Cat has also used some qualifiers to express something on it’s last legs…. “Lost and Grey's Anatomy are both getting so boring, they are almost dead to me.”

So I’ve been thinking about things that are dead to me:
- watching my figure (heck, I’m a 15 years old)
- all dogs, except a couple pugs and my buddy Gus
- that raccoon who visited my yard a couple months ago
- people who pretend to get a Fancy Feast from the cupboard but don’t actually give me one (oh, I hate those people), and
- the vacuum cleaner.


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