Monday, March 23, 2009

Vancouver Canucks

I have a secret that I need to admit; I am a Vancouver Canucks hockey fan.

It may not be a surprise to many of my readers that I am a hockey fan (I am a CANADIAN cat after all) but it may surprise some cats out there that I am not a Panthers fan (a little to obvious for my tastes); or perhaps I should be a fan of the Ducks (I do like little, flightless ducklings).

But the Vancouver Canucks are my home team and they did go to the Stanley Cup Finals the year I was born (1994); so they will always be my team.

Unfortunately, I have been waiting for them to go back to the Finals since then but every year I cross my paws and hope that this will be the year...maybe the Canucks will win it all and I'll be able to eat Fancy Feast out of the top of the Stanley Cup (I'm sure my friend Roberto would bring the cup over).

I think that if friend-Roberto gets hot in the playoffs, we could win the Final in 3 games (the fourth game of the Finals would be forfeited by the other team because the Canucks had kicked their butts so hard in the first three games).

PS If this isn't the Canuck's year, Go Giants!!

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