Saturday, May 3, 2008

Schwerpsy Powers

There's a little know fact about little-cats. We have a special set of powers that can do many different things, depending on our moods. As a group, the powers are known as Schwerpsy.

Two of the most common uses of Schwerpsy Powers are to: 1) Get the big-cats to give us little-cats some food, and 2) As a way to cure big-cats of various sicknesses/diseases.

The attached picture is an example me in the middle of using power #2 on the middle cat.

In this case, happily use #2 succeeded and thus the middle-cat then succumbed to use #1 (see previous post on Fancy Feast).

Schwerpsy Powers are like The Force...if the little-cat is not properly mentored when being trained on their use, the little-cat can tempted to join the dark side (think the tech bubble in the early 21st century and Enron).

1 comment:

Mika Ryan said...

Hmmmm, judging by the photo, the middle cat needs all the help the little cat can muster. Let's not forget power #3, the ability to make furniture hiss and freak out the uncle cat.