Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not easily impressed.

I'm not sure why people think they need my approval or friendship. I have two best friends in this world -- the Big Cat and the Middle Cat. Why do I need more?

Most people who come over try to befriend me. Some will pull out all the stops. Brushing me is nice and all, but you have to know when to stop.

And then there are people like MerFer. I think she thought her slick yoga moves would win me over. That may wow the Big Cats but I don't care if you're bendy.

My favourite kind of peeps brings food with no strings attached. Michelle understands this, so she's cool in my books.

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Michelle said...

glad to hear I'm in the good friends book. I knew after the first time I met you the best way to befriend you was through a few treats. Let me know when you need company other then then big cats, I'm up for a night of Friskies, lattes and Battlestar Galactica if you are