Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sometimes you have to suffer to get what you want

A couple weeks ago, the Middle-Cat bought me a costume that she wanted me to wear on Halloween. She wanted me to dress up like a chicken. We fought about it and I refused to even try the chicken-hat on.

Luckily, the Middle-Cat was away for Halloween so the matter was forgotten for a while.

Last night the Big-Cat told me that I would get a special treat this morning if I wore the chicken-hat for the I did.

Well this morning I got my special treat; a little bit of Boost before the big-cats went for a run. I have to drink out of the bottle cap so I ended up spilling some of the Boost on the table; but I lapped up those drops a little later.

I only got a small amount of Boost so I'm not sure it was worth wearing the chicken-hat. The Boost was so good, I wonder what I'd have to do to get a whole bottle.


Maggy and Me - said...

Well P-Kitty, I'd say you still maintain your poise and elegance while sporting the chicken hat. Worth it - heck yes! Though I'd say you deserved a bit more than a tiny little cap-full of Boost...

Mika Ryan said...

this makes me feel a hell of alot don't even want to know about the Christmas Tex had to dress up as Santa and I was rudolph.....the things we do to keep our people happy!