Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm about to build an ark.

I've lived all my life in the Vancouver area and thought I had grown accustomed to the rain; but the amount of rain that we’ve experienced in the last couple days has made me think it might be time to go on a trip.

I’m hoping that my big-cats will take me to Hawaii when they go later this month. Warm and sunny (with big sandy beaches to do my “business”) seems like a great idea to me; especially now that I’m in my late-middle-years. Sometimes I dream of getting up and not having to stretch out my creaky-joints.

And being warm; remember what that was like? I miss curling up on my catio, caught in a sunbeam, and dreaming of little birdies.

Who’s with me?

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Mika Ryan said...

Oh please, at least your big cat doesn't force you to go outside in this weather to do your business. Took one look and hide under the bed, after which the middle dog rang the doorbell to trick me into coming out.


Very wet bff