Wednesday, April 8, 2009


For 15 years I’ve been hearing about an “Easter Bunny” that comes into my house once a year, leaves a bunch of chocolate, and then slips away leaving NOTHING FOR ME.

Think about it. First he comes into my house without my permission and then leaves a bunch of cat-poison (chocolate makes cats sick) on my floor. I think the Easter Bunny has it out for me. He’s trying to get me to eat the chocolate and when I get sick and have to go visit Dr Stacy, he’ll take my place with the big-cats (who would then have to be called big-bunnies?). I think he would then try to force me to live outside in the rain without my Fancy Feast or my snakie.

This year, I vow to get even. I am going to camouflage myself to look like a bunny (see picture) and hide out waiting for him to come into my house. And when his back is turned, I’ll give him the old left-paw, right-paw and knock him onto his little cottontail.

He should keep in mind, while cats may not eat chocolate, some of us eat bunnies!

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