Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Safe places for cats

I like to think I'm a very brave cat. But, truth be told, I can be a bit of a 'fraidy cat sometimes.

I'm 13 (in people years) and have learned a lot of important life lessons. For instance, I know that tents are very safe places to be. Caves are good, too.

If you come and visit me, you will find a couple of tents set up around the house. This one is from my friend, Mika. The Big Cat has also been known to build me caves from time to time.

I've got it pretty good.

1 comment:

Mika Ryan said...

Who's the coolest cat in town? P-kitty of course. Finally, a blog written by someone who actually has something to say. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on catnip, birds, and the democratic primary.