Monday, April 28, 2008

Hairy Catter

Harry Potter used to complain that he had to live in a room under the stairs. Well, when I was a younger cat, I used to live in a drawer that my big cats kept in their bedroom cupboard.

It was a safe place to get away from house guests, little kids, and other strange animals that the big-cats brought home with them.

Being in the top drawer was a little too exposed for my liking, so I used to pull open and climb into the top drawer, then climb down underneath it and sleep in the middle drawer. I had to leave the top drawer open so that I could get out (you can see the action video here).

I used to hide in the drawer when little girls threw things at me (after I tried to "communicate" with them) or when my big-cat's brother (Patrick) was alone in the house. I had heard him wandering around in the house looking for me. He said he was asked to be there; but I showed him who's the boss from my safe place in the middle drawer.

My big cat told me later that Patrick told him, "I never saw Pheobe but when I went to close the top drawer, the cupboard hissed at me."

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Mika Ryan said...

P-kitty, you're not a cat - you're a contortionist! If the big cat's don't treat you right, you could always join cirque.