Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dr Clark is on the case

Well I was feeling really, really bad yesterday and so I hid under the bed and screamed at the big-cats if they tried to get me to come out. As a result, I had some more tests done and some of the lab work has come back.

Dr Clark (the doctor for my bffs Tex and Maggie) phoned my big-cats last night to tell them I had E. Coli in my system and as a result, there is a chance I may have Encephalitis. So it's official, I'm a sick kitty!!!

If I do have Encephalitis it would explain my seizures and my general feeling of blech. And the good news is that both the E. Coli and the Encephalitis can be treated with an antibiotic. The bad news is that I have to take this antibiotic for three weeks.

My big-cats have elected to try to give me the antibiotic in pill form (once per day). They are going to try to hide the pill in a cat treat (aka a pill pocket); similar to how their friend Nancy gives her cat a pill.

The first attempt to trick me is tonight. I will let you know how
it goes.
PK (aka Pheobe Kaatz, aka patient kitty)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mascot eats cheerleader

I was watching a couple of the NFL games yesterday (as I overcame the trauma of my visits to the vet) and I saw this clip of a big scary monster eating an NFL cheerleader.

I'm glad the monster doesn't like Fancy Feast.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yikes, another trip to the vet today

Well, this is wearing a little thin. I had to go to the vet again needles but the vet did touch my bikini-zone (a couple times)....and she had cold hands.

My big-cats are going to try to give me some medicine to treat some of my symptoms (good luck to them) ...and if that doesn't cure what ails me, then my problem is likely a brain tumor.

My paws are crossed; and in the meantime, I get Fancy Feast twice per day...score!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I had a bad day today!

My day started out well. My Middle-Cat was sick so I got to sleep beside her to try and make her feel better. Around noon we got up and lay on the couches upstairs.

A little after 3pm, I started to feel sick so I got off the couch to go downstairs. All of a sudden I started to have a seizure and lay convulsing on the floor for a minute or two. When it stopped, I couldn't move my back was very scary.

My Middle-Cat ran downstairs and got my cat-carrier and took me to the vet. Dr Stacy wasn't in (she lives in Toronto now) but they still poked and prodded me...then they took some of my blood; and gave me a shot of some calm-down-potion. I started to feel much better and my back legs started to work again...and then the Big-Cat arrived.

All three of us hung out at the vet for another hour or two before the vet talked to us and allowed me to go home.

We won't find out until at least Saturday what is wrong with me but I can tell the big-cats are concerned...they won't stop staring at me. Apparently, if this happens again, my big-cats have to shoot drugs up my bum. Good luck to them.

I have to get some shut eye now, I have to sleep off these drugs.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home alone

Well the big-cats are away this weekend in Whistler with the McMahons (niece, nephew, sister) and so I've decided to clean up the house a little bit to make it more little-cat friendly.

I hired a couple of strong men to come in and move out all the furniture so that I can run around inside and slide on the hardwood flooring.

The only thing that I'm leaving inside is my Fancy Feast dish.

I think that will teach the big-cats for leaving me all alone.

PS Anyone want to buy a couch?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Blondie!!!

I wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to my long-time reader, the fabulous Miss Rae (I think she's 29 this year).

Have a meow-a-rific day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My name

Many people assume that I am named after one of the characters from the TV show "Friends"; but that show debuted six months after I was born.

Actually, I was named after the sister of the main character in "The Catcher in the Rye"; although she spelled her name Phoebe.

The Big-Cat was reading TCITR when I decided to go live with him. The Big-Cat later explained to me that I reminded him of Phoebe Caulfield because I was sweet and funny and was a good listener. The Big-Cat spelled my name "Pheobe" instead of "Phoebe" because it made more sense.

About ten years later, I found out that one of the Big-Cat's friends had a cat also named Phoebe; and she was named after the same literary character!

I like my name and its spelling.