Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dr Clark is on the case

Well I was feeling really, really bad yesterday and so I hid under the bed and screamed at the big-cats if they tried to get me to come out. As a result, I had some more tests done and some of the lab work has come back.

Dr Clark (the doctor for my bffs Tex and Maggie) phoned my big-cats last night to tell them I had E. Coli in my system and as a result, there is a chance I may have Encephalitis. So it's official, I'm a sick kitty!!!

If I do have Encephalitis it would explain my seizures and my general feeling of blech. And the good news is that both the E. Coli and the Encephalitis can be treated with an antibiotic. The bad news is that I have to take this antibiotic for three weeks.

My big-cats have elected to try to give me the antibiotic in pill form (once per day). They are going to try to hide the pill in a cat treat (aka a pill pocket); similar to how their friend Nancy gives her cat a pill.

The first attempt to trick me is tonight. I will let you know how
it goes.
PK (aka Pheobe Kaatz, aka patient kitty)


Rae said...

Dear P-Kitty:

Toos bad you didn't know our kitty Smog -- he was a whiz at avoiding swallowing pills! We would give them to him, wrapped in treats and stroke his throat until he swallowed. Just as we sighed with relief, out came the pill -- pa-tooie -- intact and without treat. No matter how positive we were that he had swallowed it "this time", he always "pa-tooied" it out. We would laugh so hard we had a tough time trying again -- he was a total expert! If we ever managed to get him to actually swallow one, it was cause for great celebration -- a parade thru the house with fanfare! That kitty was a great friend to us....

Hope your Big Cats have better luck with you -- or at least some good laughs!

Feel better, my feline friend! I'll be thinking of you....

with love,

Mika Ryan said...

Rae, my pug Tex does the same thing. I have tried hiding it in all kinds of wonderful foods, including pill pockets - he moves his mouth like crazy (sort of looks like someone trying to use their tongue to tie a knot in a cherry stem), eats the good stuff and spits out the pill. He even has been known to pretend to swallow, after which we find the pillow tucked under the pillow on his bed.
Chris and Josie, all I can say is good luck - you'll need it. Just remind yourself that a naughty kitty is obviously a sign that she's feeling better.