Thursday, September 9, 2010

I had a bad day today!

My day started out well. My Middle-Cat was sick so I got to sleep beside her to try and make her feel better. Around noon we got up and lay on the couches upstairs.

A little after 3pm, I started to feel sick so I got off the couch to go downstairs. All of a sudden I started to have a seizure and lay convulsing on the floor for a minute or two. When it stopped, I couldn't move my back was very scary.

My Middle-Cat ran downstairs and got my cat-carrier and took me to the vet. Dr Stacy wasn't in (she lives in Toronto now) but they still poked and prodded me...then they took some of my blood; and gave me a shot of some calm-down-potion. I started to feel much better and my back legs started to work again...and then the Big-Cat arrived.

All three of us hung out at the vet for another hour or two before the vet talked to us and allowed me to go home.

We won't find out until at least Saturday what is wrong with me but I can tell the big-cats are concerned...they won't stop staring at me. Apparently, if this happens again, my big-cats have to shoot drugs up my bum. Good luck to them.

I have to get some shut eye now, I have to sleep off these drugs.


Rae said...

Oh, P-Kitty!! How awful for you!! I certainly hope this was just a one-time occurance and you don't have to get any bum-shots, as those are most uncomfortable (I've had a colonoscopy, so I'm an expert). Coco and I will say our prayers that you will be fine and stay healthy, because we love you so much!!
many loves!

Mika Ryan said...

oh pkitty, you have to get better....I mean really, shooting meds up your bum? So not the way you roll.

sending love,

your bff