Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama wins the Nobel Prize for Peace??

You know, I like President Obama and would have voted for him if I lived in the USA and if I was a couple years older (I'm only 15) but I'm not sure why he won the Nobel Prize for Peace. While I think his approach to international relations is much better than President W's was, President Obama has not yet achieved anything worthy of this award. In fact, I think winning the award will hurt President Obama's ability to make change happen. It makes him look like the guy that some people like so much, they glorify achievements that aren't really there...which I guess makes him the Democrat's version of President Bush.

My hope is that President Obama is one day deserving of this award.

Oh wait, this just in, in a surprise move, the NHL has just awarded President Obama the Lady Bing Trophy.

As first reported by Con Champman of
The National Hockey League today awarded the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy to Barack Obama, saying that while the President had never actually played hockey, the first nine months of his administration had changed the tone and tenor of the game for the better, and that so far this season he doesn’t have any penalty minutes.

"President Obama has brought hope to scrawny forwards who face punishment each night from brawny defensemen and bruising enforcers," said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. "While it is unusual to name the winner less than a month into the season, Mr. Obama's influence on 'the coolest game on earth' has been immeasurable."

The Lady Byng Trophy is awarded annually to the hockey player adjudged to have exhibited the best sportsmanship and most gentlemanly conduct in the league. It is considered the hockey equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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