Sunday, August 30, 2009

Middle-Cat knows how to bring it!

I've always thought that the Middle-Cat was the kindler, gentler kind of cat who I could always convince to give me a treat or a Fancy Feast. But last week, when the big-cats were up in Whistler, the Middle-Cat showed another side.

Here is a photo of her in action; showing a small defenceless tree who was the boss (notice parts of the tree flying toward the left side of the photo). I'm not sure what the tree did to make the Middle-Cat angry; but it did so to its detriment.

I'll have to keep this in mind and not push the Middle-Cat too far in my quest to get my dinner.

1 comment:

Mika Ryan said...

guess you're not aware that there are people who call the middle cat the hammer. be afraid.....very afraid.