Thursday, August 27, 2009

I tried so hard Mr Policeman

A sad story from Oakville, Ontario today.

A 66-year-old lady was out walking her dog along the shore of Lake Ontario when she slipped on some rocks and fell in. The dog leaped into the Lake and tried to pull her out but was unsuccessful.

Later that afternoon, two canoeists found the lady's body. The dog was gripping her clothing in its teeth and trying to pull her ashore.

The dog wasn't hurt and will be returned to the lady's family when they are located.


Mika Ryan said... I love my big ass dogs, but what does one do when you can't swim? Any advice p-kitty?

Maggy and Me - said...

That's so sad - I feel so sorry for that dog who tried so hard.

Pheobe Kaatz said...

I don't know Maggie, I can't swim either.