Sunday, June 21, 2009

Snakie 2.0

It was a very sad, sad day in the Kaatz family household a few days ago. My Middle-Cat was tackling a big pile of laundry including my quilt. She didn't notice that my Snakie was on the bedspread. For my followers out there who don't remember Snakie, let's just say he was my favourite toy. He smelled really nice and I groomed him every day.

Snakie went through the entire wash cycle. It makes me sad to think of him spinning round and round and drowning. He was beyond saving when Middle-Cat fished him out. She felt pretty badly about it.

So, to make up for it, my Big-Cats went to the Snakie store and brought me home a new one today. I'm calling him Snakie 2.0. It's been love at first sniff.


1 comment:

Mika Ryan said...

Hmmm, I'm guessing your way too busy with snakey 2.0 to blog.....