Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another guest in my backyard tonight!!

There was a rascally raccoon on my catio tonight. It came right up to my patio-door window, looked me square in the eyes, and tried to get in.

I leaped at the window in fury cursing and howling with all my might.

My Middle-Cat spotted the raccoon and called for the Big-Cat. He came running and threw things at the big furry beast (which appeared to be about 30 pounds of fury). When that didn't work, the Big-Cat grabbed his hockey stick and chased the raccoon out of the yard and up a tree.

The Big-Cat kept swinging the hockey stick like he was going after a pinata; so the raccoon leaped into a tall hedge...which is when the neighbour's dog entered into the picture and started barking like a mad dog.

The raccoon turned tail and ran for the hills.

I have never been so glad to hear a dog bark before.

I hope the raccoon never comes back...he was so big, he looked like he could have eaten me as a snack.

A scary evening for sure!!

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