Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things about Me

There's a new craze on Facebook. People are tagging each other with references in their Facebook accounts listing 25 things about themselves.

So, even though I have not been asked yet, I have decided to do 25 things about me:

1) The best people in the world are my Big-Cat and my Middle-Cat.
2) My favourite blogs (beside mine) are Mika's (, Janice's (, and Dawn's (
3) My favourite food is Fancy Feast.
4) I used to like to play fetch with paper balls and plastic bottle caps when I was a kitten.
5) I like to sit in bags of all types (suitcases, plastic, paper, knapsacks, etc).
6) I get really shy around strangers and when I get scared, I hiss.
7) I would like to go to Hawaii one day (I hear they have lots of sand); but I don't like airplanes.
8) I'm scared of the ceiling fan in my big-cats' bedroom.
9) I like to sleep under the covers or under a blanket.
10) I'll be 15 years old this March.
11) One of my favourite places to sleep is on the bath mat (because the floor is heated).
12) I've never caught a mouse or a bird; but I'd like to.
13) I need a step stool to get onto the bedside table to get onto my big-cats' bed.
14) I like rap-music.
15) When I eat grass, I throw up.
16) In the summer, I like to sit on the outside catio and warm my bones.
17) I like it when my big-cats are sick 'cause they sleep on the couch and I get to sleep on them all day.
18) I like McDonalds french fries and the foam on Starbucks lattes.
19) My favourite treats are Pounces.
20) I don't like to wear clothes; no matter how much the Middle-cat wants me to.
21) The person I fear the most is Dr Stacy.
22) I like to race people up the stairs and I usually win.
23) I love the smell of minty-fresh breath.
24) My boyfriend's name is Gus (he's a dog).
25) I've never had a job; I'm a kept cat.

That's it.

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