Saturday, September 20, 2008

Middle Cat needs a new hobby

My Middle-Cat and I are enjoying a nice evening... just us girls. Know what would make it even better? If my Middle-Cat stopped reading Petfinder.

I think she may have a problem because she keeps reading the stories, even though the Big-Cat tells her not to. Some of the pet stories are very, very sad and they sometimes make the Middle-Cat weepy.

So... I am trying my darndest to distract her this evening. So far, I have meowed at her a lot, attacked her crinkly Globe & Mail and spilled Fancy Feast on the kitchen floor. (That last one was an accident on my part -- I would never spill FF on purpose.)


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Mika Ryan said...

You really need help pkitty, as far as I'm concerned a girls night should consist of Sex and the City reruns and a pint of ice cream. Take it from me, I have my middle dog just need a little more practice.

Maggie Pug