Monday, September 8, 2008

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

The big-cats were away this last weekend and so I had a nice a weekend alone where I caught up on my sleep.

The big-cats stayed at Fairburn Farm and had a great time. Their host (Mara) is a wonderful cook and a very nice lady.

While they were at the farm, the big-cats saw some of the water buffalo calves. Each one had a nice human name (these two are Harry and Nellie).

Hopefully soon, Nellie will be producing milk to make into buffalo mozzarella cheese while Harry will be making more calves.

Mmmm, cheese.

1 comment:

Mika Ryan said...

Hmmm, here's a thought. While the big cats are still feeling the love, you may want to suggest a water buffalo instead of a dog. For you, the lesser of two evils, as at least you'll get cheese out of it. Not to mention that the buffalo will eventually too big to sleep in the family bed, which means you'll have the big cats all to yourself.