Friday, May 8, 2009

The Good Ole Hockey Game

I've been a hockey fan for 15 years and I like to think that I'm an informed fan. I know that you can't spell Byfuglien without "ugly" and you can't spell Sundin without "dun" (think phonetically). And unlike one of my long-time readers, I've never asked Wayne Gretzky what he did for a living (true story).

I've been known to try to watch the mini-game over the shoulder of the announcers between periods because as Stompin' Tom has said many times, "It's the best game you can name."

I'm also a good luck charm when I watch hockey games (unlike the Big-Cat). The Big-Cat has watched two games of the playoff series vs Chicago and the Canucks have lost them both. In fact, there was a famous game during the regular season that the Big-Cat was flipping back and forth between it and another show. The Canucks won 6 to 5 and the Big-Cat saw 5 goals (none of which was scored by the Canucks).

And while I'm very disappointed that my Canucks lost last night, I know that game 5 is a new game and it's a must win. I will be sitting on the couch on Saturday night (with a fresh Fancy Feast) watching the game. And if you are a Canucks fan, could you please keep the Big-Cat from watching the game?

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