Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hate snow days

Some cats love them. But I hate them. My Big-Cat, Middle-Cat and my Middle-Cat's mom have been hanging around waaaaay too much for my liking these last couple of days.

How's a girl-cat supposed to get her beauty sleep with all this ruckus?

I can't even go outside to escape.

Help me! Send Fancy Feast!


Maggy and Me said...

I hear ya PK. I generally love the snow, but there's way too much and it's way too cold out here in TO.

(Though I must say I don't recall snow in Vancouver, what's going on out there?!)

- Maggy

PS: I'd send some Fancy Feast, but...blech... how about some nice baked turkey with steamed broccoli and some rice instead? (Spoiled, who me?)

Mika Ryan said...

Maybe it's time for cats and dogs to unite. With all of the big peeps around, it's really hard to find naughty time, not how we like to roll.

Mags and Tex