Saturday, October 4, 2008


Last night while the middle-cat was cooking dinner, first one, then the second carbon-monoxide detector in our house went off. (One is very loud...two is deafening). The Big-Cat had to unplug both detectors and remove their batteries to make them stop....then big-cats opened a bunch of windows.

The big-cats weren’t sure what to do next, so they asked the Internet; which suggested they call the fire a couple minutes later, a big fire engine pulled up in front of our house and three firemen came in the front door (I have drawn a picture of what the fire truck looked like from my perch under the bed).

The firemen were wearing their regular, lounging around the fire hall clothes (not the big raincoats and masks). They said that dinner smelled really good (too bad they didn’t bring garlic bread) and that they don’t often get to go on calls where they get to take their boots off.

The Captain (or Cap, as the other guys called him) wandered around with a carbon-monoxide gauge. He tested the furnace and the areas around the house and didn’t find any abnormal readings.

They told the big-cats to call them again if there were any problems and they’d come back (with garlic toast?)

We’re sill not sure what caused both carbon-monoxide detectors to go off; but everything is a-ok right now.

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Mika Ryan said...

Wow, this kind of scares me - as in my small town we lost a neighborhood family whose heater gave off cm during the night. Keep those detectors plugged on and try to figure out what happened. P-kitty, did you trigger them to try and draw attention to your Fancy Feast crisis?